Bill At The Bar: A Super-Hot Affair

When Bill lost his wife a few years back, he never thought he would enjoy the company of another woman again. He had been married to his wife for 25 years and she was the only woman he had ever been with. But Bill was getting lonely as most adults do, so he decided he should go out. Bill went to a local hotel bar that he used to go to years before he got married.

Bill was sitting at the bar when he noticed a very beautiful woman sitting across the way. He had a few drinks in him, so he worked up enough courage to go talk to the woman. The bartender stopped him and informed Bill that the lady was part of a group of escorts that frequent the bar. But this somehow intrigued Bill instead of turning him off, even if he was a bit shy. He decided to strike up a conversation. After all, there was an ATM in the lobby.

When Bill finally started talking to the woman he was plenty surprised that she was really nice. She was articulate and well-educated, and had a wonderful sense of style. Her name was Paula and she had long black hair, emerald green eyes and very large breasts. Things started heating up and the conversation really started to turn Bill on.

Paula invited Bill back to her hotel room. Bill was super horny at this point and a bit drunk, so he took Paula up on her offer. When she opened the door and let him the first thing she said was, “you know I’m a professional, right?” Bill acknowledged he was aware of the rules of the game, and then the games began in earnest.

Paula slowly started unbuttoning Bill’s pants and quickly pulled out his now hard cock. Paula started sucking Bill off and he had never experienced anything like it before! Bill was super excited and Paula was doing a great job of giving head.

Paula stopped sucking and asked Bill to get on the bed. But he did not want her to stop, so she wrapped her lips around Bill’s cock once again. Bill loved having his dick sucked and after a few minutes of deep throating, he came hard in Paula’s young mouth! After he was done, Bill greatly thanked Paula and paid her. Bill will never forget that night and now that Bill has gotten over his shyness of escorts, he will probably be back for more!

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